Gianluca Loreti

Trainer and Owner

Gianluca Loreti, the founder and primary trainer of Loreti High Performance Soccer Training, is a former professional soccer player with a career that spans continents. His impressive resume includes playing for clubs such as C.A Huracan de Barcelona (2020-2021), St. Bess in Jamaica (2019), Calico Como in Italy (2017-2019), CD Leganes (2016-2017) and Getafe C.F (2015-2016) in Spain, and Atlanta Silverbacks (2012-2013) in the United States.

Opening Loreti HPST has been a long-cherished dream for Gianluca. After years of dedication and hard work on the field, he is eager to impart his extensive knowledge and experience to the next generation of soccer enthusiasts.

Having grown up playing club level soccer in Georgia, Gianluca’s journey into professional soccer gave him first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that lay on the path to professional soccer. He traveled around the world, trained with high-level coaches, played alongside talented peers, and experienced both the highs and lows of a soccer career.

Gianluca believes that there are countless talented players who, with the right guidance, can walk the path to success in professional soccer. He is passionate about sharing everything he has learned from his rich journey in the world of soccer, and continues to absorb new lessons from this beautiful game.

At Loreti HPST, Gianluca is committed to using his experiences, connections, and unique insights to guide, inspire, and elevate each player he trains.