About Our Soccer Academy

About Loreti High Performance Soccer Training

At Loreti High Performance Soccer Training, we believe in the power of personalized training. Our team, composed of ex-professional soccer players and coaches who have competed at the highest levels, understand the intricacies and demands of the beautiful game. This gives us a unique edge in fostering player growth and development.

Our global outlook is enhanced by our valued partnerships with premier clubs in Barcelona, Italy, and Argentina. This allows us to provide our players with exposure to international standards of training and competition. Our primary focus is on youth development, and our mission is to guide dedicated players in reaching their fullest potential – both on and off the field.

Our approach is not just about soccer; it’s about life. We employ a proven methodology that teaches our players to approach soccer with the same determination, resilience, and strategic thinking that they would use in life. This method has been carefully developed through years of experience and learning from various cultures around the world.

We offer not just training, but an immersive, transformative experience that shapes character, builds skills, and instills a love for soccer. We invite you to join us at Loreti High Performance Soccer Training, where your journey to becoming a successful professional starts.

Meet Our Team

Gianluca Loreti

Trainer and Owner

Yosef Samuel

Executive Director

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